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What is an Angiography?
Angiography is a medical imaging procedure used to examine a blood vessel from within. It mostly looks for the arteries and the heart chambers. This procedure is done by injecting a contrast agent in blood vessels, then imaging using an X-ray-based technique.
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Why we do an Angiography?
When a vessel is blocked, damaged, or abnormal in some way, it can cause chest pain, stroke, heart attacks, or other problems. Angiography helps your healthcare provider to identify the source of the problem and how much damage there is in the blood vessel segment being examined. There are many different types of angiography, depending on what part of your body is being examined.
 Types of angiography:
Coronary artery angiography:
This is an invasive test done at hospitals to check if the vessels supplying your heart have any narrowing or blockages. If narrowings or blockages in your blood vessels are found, which seem appropriate, your cardiologist can move forward with an angioplasty.
 CT coronary Angiography: CT or computed tomography is X-ray technology to produce high-resolution, three-dimensional images of your heart. CT coronary angiography is one of the types of heart CT, which focuses on the arteries that deliver blood to the muscles in your heart.
Peripheral angiography: A peripheral artery angiography is a test done using x-rays and contrast dyes to help cardiologists find blocks or narrowing areas in one or more of the arteries that deliver blood to your feet, legs, or, in some cases, arms and hands. The test is also called peripheral angiography.
Renal angiography: Renal angiography is a type of imaging test that looks at blood vessels in the kidneys. Your healthcare provider may use it to look at the ballooning of blood vessels, the narrowing of blood vessels, or blockages in the vessels.
 Cerebral angiography: A brain angiography test is used to see blood vessels of your brain.
Advantages of angiography
1) This may help you and your healthcare provider better determine if and how you should be treated for heart disease.
2) This technique provides precise placement of a hemorrhage or blockage.
3) Angiography can help avoid surgical intervention. If a procedure is needed, it can be done with greater precision.
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