best angioplasty doctor in aurangabad

Angioplasty doctor in Aurangabad

What is Angioplasty?
Angioplasty is used to open blocked coronary arteries caused by coronary artery disease. Angioplasty helps to restore blood flow to your heart without open-heart surgery. Angioplasty is usually done to treat severe conditions, like a heart attack.
Dr. Kartik Bhosale provides best angioplasty treatment at Pimpri Chinchwad. He has done over 500 coronary artery angioplasty by himself both femoral and radial routes. Due to this expertise, he is known to be Pimpri Chinchwads best cardiologist.
When Do You Need An Angioplasty? and how it is performed ?
Angioplasty is suggested for the patient suffering from a heart condition in order to restore the flow of coronary arteries. Most coronary artery disease (CAD) requires angioplasty, but a small number of times, CAD can be treated without angioplasty. You tried medications or lifestyle changes, but they did not improve heart health. You are experiencing chest pains (angina). You are having a heart attack.

An angioplasty quickly opens up the blocked artery, which lessens the damage done to the heart. Balloon angioplasty — Here, an inflatable balloon is placed into a blocked artery/artery. The pressure from the inflated balloon allows the doctor to free the targeted artery/arteries of the blockage. Stent angioplasty — Here, a doctor will insert a stent into the artery where an artery is blocked, thereby restoring normal blood flow.

Before performing coronary angioplasty, the doctor would try to find out what the blocked arteries are, how many are blocked, and what is the severity of blockage. For that purpose, angiography tests are performed. An X-ray image will reveal if there are blockages, how many, and where they are located. Once your doctor has that information, angioplasty can begin.
Your doctor will insert a catheter into the coronary vessel, either by hand or by the groin. Then a wire will pass through blockage. Your doctor will blow up a balloon inside the blockage, pushing the blockage outside toward the artery wall.
After you have expanded your artery, you keep a little mesh pipe called a stent, usually made out of metal, in your artery to help it expand. These stents are coated in a drug which is continually and slowly released in the artery. These medicines help keep the artery from becoming blocked again.

After angioplasty is completed, patients are admitted to an intensive care unit for the next 24 hours, and are later released. Dr. Kartik Bhosale provides best treatment for angioplasty in Pimpri Chinchwad. For more details about our full-service treatment options, or to book an appointment with PImpri Chinchwads best cardiologist, call us at +91 8420070081/+91 8826429101, or click Book appointment for an online appointment at the nearest hospital.